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Japanese PVs that no one else bothers to sub! ...And some that people do ^_^"

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Subbing Japanese PVs that no one else seems to want to sub ^o^

OK! Well, after having spent hours on end attempting to find certain music videos subbed, I fianally came to the realisation that they don't exist. Since I'm sudying Japanese at Uni and now know it well enough to be able to translate songs pretty accurately I figured, "Hey! No one else is going to bother! ...plus I have stolen a lot of subs from other people, maybe I should do something for other fans too."

I am willing to take requests...HOWEVER, if it's J-rock I'll probably say no. Unless it's Miyavi or An Cafe, since they're the only 'J-rock' folks I listen to. I will listen to the suggested songs but if I don't like them then I'm sorry...=S It'd be nice if people could give me download links to the PVs they request though! That would make me happy ^o^v

I'm one to talk regarding 'thank you' comments...but they really would be appreciated (just so I know how many people actually want these) Also, if you like a particular artist that I have already subbed then just tell me if you want me to do some more of their stuff! =D


Sci <3



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